Laser Cannon 2

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Use the WASD or Arrow keys to control your cannon’s movement and then fire using left-click. Get the cannon to kill enemies. Also, try Laser Cannon 3.

Laser Cannon 2 is the exciting sequel to the original Laser Cannon, building upon its physics-based puzzle gameplay with new mechanics and challenges. The goal remains the same: use the laser cannon to eliminate monsters. However, the sequel introduces new elements like movable obstacles, power-ups, and more intricate level designs, making for a deeper and more challenging gameplay experience.

The game mechanics in Laser Cannon 2 maintain the engaging physics-based puzzles of the original but introduce more variables to consider. Players must manipulate the environment even more intricately, taking advantage of new elements to create successful shots. The puzzles become increasingly challenging as the game progresses, testing players’ critical thinking and strategic planning skills.

Laser Cannon 2 enhances its visual presentation, featuring even more vibrant colors and detailed levels. The game’s sound design, too, adds to the immersive experience with engaging sound effects and catchy music. For fans of the original and new players alike, Laser Cannon 2 offers an enhanced and satisfying puzzle-solving experience.

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