Happy Rider (Happy Wheels 2)

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Same Happy Wheels Character, but a little different game that has few levels to clear. So you must survive first level to unlock other levels.

Happy Rider is a physics-based platformer game similar to the infamous Happy Wheels. In this game, players control a character on a bike through obstacle-laden levels, trying to reach the finish line while avoiding fatal accidents.

Happy Rider’s gameplay is a blend of platforming, driving, and ragdoll physics. Players must navigate through each level’s obstacles, balancing speed and control to avoid crashing. The game’s physics add a layer of unpredictability to each run, leading to often hilarious and unexpected outcomes.

The visuals in Happy Rider are simple yet effective, with the emphasis placed on the game’s physics and the resulting chaos. The sound design enhances the game’s humor, featuring a range of funny and exaggerated sound effects. If you enjoy physics-based games or just enjoy some chaotic fun, Happy Rider is a game worth checking out.

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