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Info About Colonies

Colonies is a flash game where players create colonies by connecting symbols of the same type. The gameplay involves moving the mouse over at least three symbols of the same type while holding the left mouse button to create a colony. Players must connect the last symbol with the first one to complete the colony. The larger the colonies created, the better the score. Additionally, capturing other symbols within your colony results in even higher points.

The game offers a choice of two styles to start with, which could affect the strategy and layout of the colonies. This puzzle-based approach requires players to think strategically about their moves to maximize their score. The game’s simplicity in controls and rules makes it accessible yet challenging as players aim to create the largest and most valuable colonies possible.

Colonies is well-regarded for its engaging and strategic gameplay, where players must continuously adapt their tactics to improve their scores and outdo their previous performances. The colorful graphics and straightforward mechanics contribute to its appeal among fans of puzzle and strategy games​.

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