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Play Bloxorz Puzzle on Unblocked Gameplay

You have to make proper moves to wrap up the object and make the object reach its destination place. You have to count moves to get an accurate calculation.

Bloxorz is a unique puzzle game that challenges players to maneuver a rectangular block through a series of intricate mazes. The game requires strategic thinking and planning, as players must not only navigate the block to the goal but also ensure it’s in the correct orientation to fit.

In Bloxorz, the gameplay revolves around spatial awareness and planning. Players must carefully tilt and roll the block across narrow platforms, bridges, and switches, with the ultimate goal of slotting it into a square hole. As the game progresses, the levels introduce new challenges and mechanics, requiring even more strategic thinking and careful maneuvering.

Visually, Bloxorz adopts a minimalist aesthetic, featuring simple 3D graphics that focus the player’s attention on the puzzle at hand. The game’s sound design complements its visual simplicity, with subtle sound effects that enhance the gameplay without being distracting. If you’re a fan of puzzle games or enjoy challenging your spatial reasoning skills, Bloxorz is a game worth checking out.

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