1 on 1 Soccer for 2 Players

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It’s a 2-player game. 1 can use the arrow keys and another can use the WASD keys. Make more goals your opponent can make.

1 on 1 Soccer is an engaging sports game where players engage in fast-paced football matches against a computer-controlled opponent or a second player. With its simple controls and entertaining gameplay, 1 on 1 Soccer offers a fun and accessible football gaming experience.

The gameplay in 1 on 1 Soccer is straightforward yet addictive. Players control a footballer, and the aim is to score more goals than the opponent within a certain time limit. The game offers a variety of tricks and maneuvers, allowing players to strategize and outmaneuver their opponents.

Visually, 1 on 1 Soccer sports a minimalist design, with a focus on the gameplay rather than detailed graphics. The simplistic character design and pitch layout help keep the focus on the fast-paced action. The sound design is also minimalist, with the primary sounds being the kick of the ball and the referee’s whistle. If you’re a football fan or just enjoy quick and competitive games, 1 on 1 Soccer is a must-play.

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