Working Stiffs

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About Working Stiffs

“Working Stiffs” is an action-packed survival game set in an office environment overrun by zombies. The storyline revolves around a group of office workers who are faced with a sudden zombie outbreak in their city office building. The players are tasked with guiding these workers to safety while fending off the zombie horde.

The gameplay involves navigating through various levels of the office building, managing the group of workers, and using available resources to survive. Players can find and use weapons to defend against the zombies, and they must make strategic decisions about when to fight and when to flee. The game also includes elements of puzzle-solving, as players need to find keys and other items to unlock doors and access different parts of the building.

“Working Stiffs” is known for its unique setting and blend of action, strategy, and survival horror elements. The game challenges players to think quickly and make fast decisions in high-pressure situations. It appeals to fans of zombie games and those who enjoy a mix of action and strategy in a survival context. The office setting adds a familiar yet eerie backdrop to the intense gameplay, making “Working Stiffs” a memorable and engaging experience.

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