Run (Old Version 1)

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How do you play Run Game

Take some time to learn the running process and then you will be ready to rock. Avoid ditches and obstacles and stay on the floor.

Control Keys: Use Arrow Keys or WASD to Control. Spacebar also works for jumping.

Run is the first game in the Run series and introduces players to the franchise’s unique endless running gameplay. In this game, players control a small alien as it runs through a 3D tunnel in space, dodging gaps and obstacles in its path.

In Run, the gameplay is simple but challenging. Players must react quickly to the tunnel’s changing layout, jumping over gaps and switching between the tunnel’s walls and ceiling to avoid obstacles. This gravity-switching mechanic adds a unique twist to the typical endless runner formula.

The visual design of Run is minimalist, with a focus on the action rather than detailed graphics. The tunnel and the alien are easily distinguishable, and the game runs smoothly even at high speeds. The game’s sound design is also minimalist, with simple sound effects and an ambient soundtrack that complements the game’s space setting. If you’re a fan of endless runner games, Run is a must-play.

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