Mad Burger

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About Mad Burger

Mad Burger is an entertaining launch game with a delicious twist. Players take on the role of a chef who, instead of serving burgers the conventional way, launches them across a field to hungry customers. The game offers a unique blend of launch mechanics, strategic planning, and upgrade progression, creating a satisfyingly addictive gaming experience.

The main objective of the game is to launch the burger as far as possible, with distance, height, and the number of flips the burger does in the air, contributing to the final score. Players can also earn money, which can be used to purchase upgrades such as stronger sauces for a bigger launch boost, additional toppings for extra points, and various tools and equipment to help the burger go the extra mile.

In conclusion, Mad Burger is a fun-filled game that delivers a delightful combination of humor, strategy, and progression systems. Whether you’re a fan of launch games or just enjoy a unique and amusing gaming experience, Mad Burger is a game that you’ll find hard to put down.

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