Frostbite 2

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Online Game Frostbite 2

“Climb New Heights in Frost Bite 2,” the thrilling sequel to Nitrome’s acclaimed “Frost Bite.” Launched on December 17th, 2008, this game continues the adventures of the intrepid climber, challenging players with new mountains to scale and more daunting obstacles to overcome.

Featuring Nitrome’s signature pixel art style and innovative level design, “Frost Bite 2” enhances the platformer genre with its engaging gameplay. Players navigate through a series of progressively difficult levels, each filled with enemies to evade and collectibles to gather.

The sequel retains the core mechanics that made the original a hit, including the climber’s grappling hook for navigating tricky terrain, while introducing new elements and challenges that enrich the climbing experience.

As a part of the rich legacy of flash games, “Frost Bite 2” offers fans and new players alike a chance to experience the creativity and fun of Nitrome’s game design, even as the era of Adobe Flash Player comes to an end.

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