Blast Billiards

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Online Game Blast Billiards

Blast Billiards is a fun and exciting game where you play billiards, but with a twist! Instead of just hitting balls into pockets, you have to clear bombs from the table before they explode. Each level gets harder with more bombs and obstacles. You need to aim carefully and hit the bombs into the pockets quickly.

In this game, you use a cue stick to hit the balls. If you miss or take too long, the bombs will explode and you’ll have to start over. It’s a mix of skill and quick thinking. You also get bonus points if you manage to pot a black non-bomb ball last.

Blast Billiards is great for practicing your aim and timing. It keeps you on your toes and helps improve your focus. Plus, it’s really satisfying when you clear a tough level! It’s a game that both kids and adults can enjoy and play for hours​.

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