Army of Ages

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Online Game Army of Ages

“Army of Ages” is a captivating strategy game that involves players in a continuous battle through different ages against an alien invasion. The game’s unique aspect lies in its evolution feature, where players start from the Stone Age and progressively evolve to more advanced eras, unlocking new units and technologies. The objective is to defend your base against alien attacks while building an efficient army to conquer the enemy. The game includes a variety of units and defensive strategies, allowing for diverse gameplay and tactical management.

The player’s task is to strategically deploy over 50 different units and turrets to defend their base and destroy the enemy’s stronghold. As players earn experience points, they can spend these to evolve their base and army, transitioning through historical periods with newer and better weaponry. The challenge increases as the player moves between different periods, enhancing the game’s complexity and engagement.

“Army of Ages” is praised for its strategic depth and replayability, offering different approaches with each playthrough as players refine their strategies and adapt to the evolving battlefield. The game provides a mix of action, strategy, and defense mechanisms, appealing to fans of these genres looking for a dynamic and immersive experience​​​​.

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