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Info About Alienocalypse

“Alienocalypse” is an action-strategy game where players control a horde of aliens invading Earth. Developed by Berzerk Studio, the game involves managing and evolving your alien army to overcome human resistance. Players must strategically deploy different types of alien units, each with unique abilities, to destroy cities and eliminate human defenses across various levels​.

The gameplay combines elements of real-time strategy and resource management. Players earn DNA points by completing objectives, which can be used to unlock and upgrade new alien types, enhancing their capabilities and making the invasion more effective. Each level presents unique challenges and requires a mix of strategic planning and quick decision-making to achieve victory​​.

“Alienocalypse” is praised for its engaging mechanics and the variety of units and upgrades available. The game’s difficulty ramps up progressively, ensuring that players are constantly challenged. Its blend of strategic depth and action-packed gameplay makes it a standout title in the strategy game genre.

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