3D Touch Game

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About 3D Touch Game

“3D Touch Game” is a logic-based puzzle game where the primary objective is to create paths by tapping on cubes. The gameplay involves dragging along a path to connect cubes without retracing steps or going back. This requires strategic thinking and planning to ensure that every cube is selected and the path is correctly formed.

The game presents a series of levels, each with increasing difficulty and complexity. Players need to navigate through these levels by carefully planning their moves and considering the best way to connect all cubes without getting stuck. The challenge lies in the game’s restriction on moving backwards or revisiting the same path, which adds a layer of complexity to the puzzle-solving process.

“3D Touch Game” is known for its engaging and brain-stimulating puzzles. The game’s design encourages players to think ahead and devise strategies for completing each level. It’s a great choice for players who enjoy logic puzzles and are looking for a game that combines simple mechanics with challenging gameplay. The game’s gradual increase in difficulty ensures that players are continuously challenged as they progress through the levels.

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